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Membership Dues Quarter 4: Oct, Nov, Dec

Membership Dues are payable every quarter at the rate of $1.25 per new DUI client enrolled, during the previous quarter for all locations within your organization. See below for further details about the payment structure.
Price: $1.25
Invoice number to reference:


Enter only NEW enrollments for the quarter above for all DUI program levels as reported to the Department of Health Care Services DUI Branch.

General: The California Association of DUI Treatment Programs has an Organizational Member dues structure which is based on the number of total NEW driving-under-the-influence (Wet Reckless, first and/or multiple offenders) program enrollees for the quarter preceding CADTP application date and each quarter thereafter.

Dues: The authorized dues structure for Organizational Members is based on the number of new admissions in the agency’s driving-under-the-influence program(s) each calendar quarter for all program levels; Wet Reckless, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month, 18 month and 30 month.

Important Note: An agency/organization that operates more than one DUI program must include ALL of its DUI programs (licensed or satellite) enrollments in the dues calculation above.

Future Quarterly Dues: The next dues payment will be due in the month following the completion of the next quarter and each quarter thereafter. CADTP will send a statement to each Organizational Member.