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CADTP Organizational Members

CADDTP Organizational Members

CADTP Organizational Members are DUI Programs licensed by the California Department of Health Care Services.

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AOD Counselor Certification

AOD Counselor Certification

CADTP's CAODC certification program is accredited by ICE-NCCA (National Commission for Certifying Agencies).

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Visit the Certification Info & Application section for more information.

CADTP Certification is called the CAODC, Certified Alcohol & Other Drug Counselor.  The CAODC is accredited by NCCA and California DHCS and is valid in any AOD/SUD setting... CAODC counselors may work in Residential, Outpatient, Detox, or any other setting under DHCS SUD (Department of Health Care Services Substance Use Disorder Division).



 As of March 1, 2014 all registrants are required to attend a 9 hour orientation course prior to registering.  This course consists of 3 hours of AOD ethics, 3 hours of AOD confidentiality, and 3 hours of professional boundaries for substance abuse counselors.  This orientation course will not count toward fulfillment of the minimum 155 hours of formal AOD education required for certification.

 To meet this requirement, CADTP accepts the following:

Breining Institute (9-hr Basics Bundle)

CCAPP: 9.5 Hour Pre-Registration Oreintation Course - Distance Learning




NCCA accreditedprogramlogoCADTP Certification

CADTP Alcohol/Other Drug Counselor (CAODC)

CADTP Alcohol/Other Drug Counselor - Advanced (CAODC-A)

CADTP Alcohol/Other Drug Counselor –Clinical Supervisor (CAODC-CS):

Reciprocity: CADTP will grant reciprocity to AOD counselors who meet specific criteria:

Visit the Certified AOD Counselor Page for information on how to become CADTP Certified

CADTP: The California Association of DUI Treatment Programs

  • One of several AOD Counselor certifying bodies approved by the State of California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS)
  • CADTP's CAODC certification program is accredited by ICE-NCCA (Institute for Credentialing Excellence - National Commission for Certifying Agencies).
  • A comprehensive certifying organization certifying AOD counselors of various job types; DUI, In-patient, Out-patient, County contracted AOD services, etc
  • Ease with scheduling availability for testing by liaison with exam agencies that offer multiple exam dates annually
  • Low cost registration, certification, and re-certification.

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